The children always light up when they see Silvana because they know they are in for a fun day! It’s just what you need to see before you head off to work because you know that they are always enjoying themselves at playgroups, the park or playing and singing at home!

She is very caring and gives my son all that he needs to feel secure and loved while his Mummy isn’t there. He is very settled and happy, she has worked very hard to achieve that and always does new things to keep him interested and learning new things.

Silvana is extremely caring but not only that, she has as much of an interest in your child’s development as you do. She has so many resources and does lots of different activities. My son brings home things he has been making all the time and she has also been helping him with his speech development.

My daughter settled straight away with Silvana, but it was no surprise as she went out of her way to ensure that all went smoothly. I didn’t have anything at all to worry about when I decided to go back to work as my childcare arrangements were perfect for my little girl.

Rebecca Mother (James 6,Amber 4)

Silvana was recommended to me by a friend and I am totally in her debt! My youngest child spends every Friday with Silvana and absolutely loves every minute of it. She is kind and loving, yet firm. One of the most positive aspects of the care that Silvana provides is her ability to get to know your children and gear all aspects of her care accordingly. I had no idea how much Henry enjoyed construction toys until she told me! Her care is structured and varied. Henry is so keen to see her that on ‘Silvana days’, he waits with his coat on by the front door waiting for her to knock for him… That says it all!! Caroline, mother of Henry (3) and Ruby (4).

“My son, Nicholas has been with “nana” for close to two years. He absolutely adores her – in fact Wednesday, the day he is with Silvana, is his favourite day of the week. He looks forward to seeing her and smiles so happily when I tell him it is Wednesday. Silvana is the kindest, most lovely childminder you could wish for. She obviously cares deeply about the children she looks after and they all adore her. She has wonderful ideas for activities  - for example, taking my son to the dinosaur park in Crystal Palace, because she knew he liked dinosaurs so much. She chats with Nicholas constantly and knows all about his favourite things and what he has been up to. Her house is very welcoming, with lots for children to do, and many different games and books -  Nicholas has loved reading Mr Men books with Silvana, for example. She is even happy for children to chalk all over her kitchen floor! And she is so helpful to us too, as parents, being flexible when we have needed extra hours or different days. Nicholas will be so sad to say goodbye to Silvana when he goes to school in a few months, but he has such a lovely bond with her, that we really hope to stay in touch”.

Armelle Mother of Nicholas (4)